Our Team

Dr. Stuart Lang

Transitional Interim Pastor

Faith:  I grew up in a Christian home that went to church multiple times every week. In fact, my dad was the pastor, which means I never had an option to not go.  When I turned 7, I realized that everyone in my family had something I didn’t have. I grew up hearing and loving all the Bible stories, but realized one Sunday evening that I needed to make a personal commitment to the Lord. Since then, I have had periods of doubt and struggle like so many people do. But God has proven Himself faithful time and time again, to forgive and assure me, to provide peace, direction, and purpose.

Professional:  I have served 4 different churches in South Carolina and Georgia as minister of music/education and as pastor. For the last ten plus years, I have served as a state missionary with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board with responsibilities in Disaster Relief and Mission Mobilization.

About:  I love spending time with my family.  My wife is my soul mate and after 27 years of marriage, we love each other more than we ever have. We have 2 children, Caleb and Rebekah. Caleb is married to Kaley and blessed us with our first grandbaby,  Jacob Thomas (named after my dad). Rebekah just graduated college and has started a dual degree that will prayerfully land her a career as a pharmacist.

Interests: Family / Motorcycles / UGA Football / small projects around the house

Did You Know? Not only am I a PK (preacher’s kid), so is my wife! And so are our 2 wonderful children!

Chuck Eiland

Minister of Music

Faith: I’ve been a Christian since age 14 and God has walked with me through a lot of highs and lows along that pathway of faith experiences.  As the Andre Crouch song says “Through it all, through it all; I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God”.  I have been amazed to see how He has guided me along the way and shown me His calling for my life. 

Professional: I’ve had the opportunity to serve both part-time and full-time in Music Ministry since 1973.  I began serving at DBC in 1999. I have a little note on my office door that says “Music is what feelings sound like” and I think that sums it up nicely.  

About: The joy of my Savior, the joy of my family and the joy of music pretty well describe “my joy” for serving at Dahlonega Baptist Church.  I guess I should also include the joy of living in the mountains of North Georgia.  I am truly blessed and consider it a privilege to live and serve where God has placed my wife, Diane, and I. 

Interests: Music / Guitars / Corvettes / Movies / NASCAR / NCAA Football / Riding bicycles
Did You Know? In my high school years I was considering a future career in either Automotive or Mechanical Engineering.

Della Lago

Church Administrator

Faith: I grew up in as a military brat. While attending a local church in Texas as a young girl, I decided to become a follower of Christ. I wanted to completely serve God. However, like so many in their teen years, I fell away from the things of God. In college I felt the ‘need’ to go to church.  My boyfriend (who would later be my husband) felt the same desire.  That’s when we rediscovered God’s powerful love. 

Professional: It took me several years to understand how someone like me could be used in ministry. God used several godly men and women to help me discover how my talents and skills could truly be used in full surrender to God’s work. I have a MACE degree from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and am working on a doctor of education degree from NOBTS.

About: My passion is for people to know how much God loves them and that He made them to impact their family and community. 

Interests:  Bob and I have one daughter Lily in heaven. And we enjoy walking the trails with our three dogs.

Did You Know? I am an herbalist and I’m called the Herb Hugger! I make my own soaps, lotions, and tinctures.

Sherrie Gray

Interim Director of Children’s Ministry

Faith:  I grew up with the knowledge of Christ as my Lord and Savior, but I was a teenager before I actually came to a place of salvation and made Him truly my Lord.  I have always strived to do what’s is right and to lead a good life, but after a run in with cancer my faith was laser focused to become someone that Christ can effectively use.

Professional: After marriage, I began climbing the corporate ladder.  A few years later, when I had my first child, I was still looking to climb the corporate ladder. God had other plans and I left the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom and assist my husband with our video business.  My business skill sets are founded in accounting and business marketing. My spiritual gift is “administration”. Yes, I finally feel I am where God can use me in His service for His glory.

About: I am a big kid at heart and I love having fun. I am always thinking like I live in a cartoon world. I love to play softball and basketball. I get a lot of joy watching my kids having fun whether it is playing music, or sports.

Interest: Sports and cooking

Did you know?  I am very competitive and once pitched softball at a national level.

Nancy Gallagher

Interim Director of Student Ministry

Faith:  Throughout my entire childhood I spent various Sundays in church with my great grandma or was bussed to a local church if my mom had to work on a Sunday. I learned little snippets about God, but there was never a strong force pouring into me and sharing the gospel. I carried on in life feeling that something was missing from my life, a purpose and drive. It wasn’t until I was a young adult with two sweet children of my own that I discovered what I was missing. The love for the Lord! While I was working as a financial manager, there were two people that continually poured into me and shared God’s word with me. After much consideration, I started to attend church and read the Bible. In 2011, I made a public confession of faith and was baptized. Since then I have seen the Lord at work in my heart, my daily life and my journey as a mother and wife.

Professional: Prior to being married, I worked for five years as a financial manager in Illinois. After I was married, Josh (my husband) wanted to return to Dahlonega, Georgia, to be close to family. When we relocated, we had decided that I would be a stay-at-home mom. This was a huge change from a 60+ hour work week, but it had its own challenges and rewards. During this time, we began attending Dahlonega Baptist Church. Over the past four years, I have worked two school years at Sonshine Weekday Preschool, two seasons preparing Wednesday night supper, and now am currently serving as the Interim youth Director. It is amazing to see how trusting God with my life has taken me down professional journeys I could have never imagined.

About: I am blessed to be a mother of four beautiful children. Aydin (11), Keiwhan (9), Grace (3) and Rosemary (7 months). After many of careful prayers, the Lord blessed me with an amazing husband. Josh and I were married in 2013. Throughout our marriage we have had the typical ups and downs, but as our love for the Lord grows and deepens, so does the strength of our bond and love for each other.

Interests: Reading (when I get the opportunity), spending time with family and friends, learning to garden and studying the Bible with my kids.

Did you know? My dad and both of my grandparents are 100% Native American. That makes me 50% Native American. I belong to two different tribes, Aamjiwnaang First Nation (Chippewa) out of Sarnia Canada, and Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation out of Kansas.

Dianne King

Office Manager

Faith: I became a Christian and was baptized when I was 12 years old at Dahlonega Baptist Church. I had wonderful and loving parents and they sent me to Sunday School almost every Sunday. I am grateful to God for saving me when I was young, however, I did not really understand the Gospel of Christ until I was a young adult when I came to fully trust in Christ as my Savior and truly understand that God loves me so much He sent His Son to die for my sins so that I am forgiven. The Lord has brought me through difficult times in my life and I believe my faith in Him has grown through those experiences. I know that God is on my side!!

Professional: This November will be my 29th year with DBC.  The first 8 years were working for Rev. Bob Green and the last 20+ years working for Pastor Bill Hutcheson.  It has been a wonderful journey working for these two pastors, the staff and the DBC congregation whom I love very much.  

About:  I value honesty, a Godly attitude and compassion.  My passion is that everyone be treated fairly without judgement.  

Interests: Hiking, scrapbooking and spending time with my children.

Did You Know?  I went parasailing at Orange Beach just last year!

Support Staff

Betsi Craven

Membership Assistant

Allison South


Lowayne Craig

Financial Assistant

Carl Gibson