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Important Dates for Leaders to Remember!

Leader’s Meeting this semester: Jan 21st, April 22nd, June 17th, August 12th

Opportunitites to Connect with Parents: Jan. 7th (Sunday Morning Parent’s Brunch), Macrh 11th after service, June 3rd after service, August 5th after service

Leaders! Here are your resources for this semester!

This link will provide you as leaders with our small group material, large group program resources and other ideas that you can implement!

Leaders Blog

Welcome to our leadership blog!

There are so many amazing resources that pop up on my radar. So I wanted to create a place to share some of those resources. So first up.... Dawson Trotman preached a message in the 1950s that really encapsulates what being a small group leader's goal looks like. Here...

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Suggested Resources for Leaders

Leadership Overview,and Application

Volunteer Roles and Job Descriptions

"To grow in God's grace and invite others into a life-transforming relationship with Him."